Mr. Michael Montoro

Instructional Assistant, GMP IV, Gifted Math Program

Mike is a Cheektowaga native and currently lives in the city of Buffalo. In high school, Mike was a part of the Gifted Math Program, and graduated in 2014. He continued on with his academic career at SUNY Buffalo, pursuing degrees in mathematics and music. During his time at UB, Mike worked as a teaching assistant with GMP, was a College of Arts and Sciences ambassador, completed an undergraduate research project in pure mathematics, and led the Undergraduate Mathematics Club. He graduated from UB with a BS in mathematics, a BA in music, and a minor in history.

Currently, Mike is a graduate student at UB, pursuing a PhD in pure mathematics. His research interests include number theory (more specifically the Langlands Program), representation theory, and geometry. This will be his 8th year affiliated with GMP. He looks forward every day to working with some of the most talented students in the area, and is humbled to have even a small part in shaping their mathematical journey.

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