Mr. Michael Montoro

Instructional Assistant, GMP IV, Gifted Math Program

Mike is an 18 year old recent graduate of the Gifted Math Program. After graduating in June from Cleveland Hill High School as valedictorian, he decided to come to the University at Buffalo to begin his undergraduate education. In high school he led the Cleveland Hill Masterminds team to their first playoff bid in over 10 years, often taught young flute students, and constantly did math homework. He currently is a freshman student in both mathematics and music at the University at Buffalo, and is often found either in the math lounge discussing Putnam exam problems, in a Baird practice room writing music, or in his residence hall simply relaxing. Mike also has travelled to most of the major cities in the Northeast and to France and Italy in his time, of which he intends to return someday. Now in college he is on the newly formed Putnam exam team and works as a teacher’s assistant in the Gifted Math Program. He has research interests in foundational mathematics, dynamical systems, and also the connections between mathematics and music.

As a teacher’s assistant in the Gifted Math Program he intends on giving back to the program that truly furthers the students’ curiosity, the students’ preparation for college mathematics, and moreover the legacy of Buffalo in creating great mathematicians.

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