Program Description

The University at Buffalo Gifted Math Program (GMP) was founded in 1979...

  • By Dr. Gerald R. Rising, SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus in the University's Department of Learning and Instruction.
  • By Dr. Betty J. Krist, Professor Emerita and former chair of the Mathematics Department of Buffalo State College.

Each year the program enrolls between 225 and 275 students...

  • Of outstanding mathematics ability.
  • In Western New York.
  • From 7th through 12th grades of the public, parochial, and private schools.

Admission involves...

  • Approximately 400 students from an area age cohort of about 16,000 who are nominated for GMP each year by their schools or by their parents.
  • Interested nominees competing for the 60 places in the first year of the program.
  • Evaluation on the basis of a three-hour battery of tests.

Classes are...

  • Held twice weekly for two 70-minute sessions each day.
  • An enriched and accelerated program of school mathematics in grades 7 through 10.
  • University courses, including three semesters of calculus and linear algebra in grades 11 and 12, accumulating up to 22 semester hours of university credit.

The GMP teaching staff...

  • Includes outstanding school and college teachers of this region who are aided by instructional assistants, several of whom are program graduates.

Participating schools...

  • Accept University coursework in place of the home school mathematics curricula.
  • Receive GMP grades for student report cards.
  • Name a liaison officer to communicate with GMP staff.

The GMP graduates (over 615)...

  • Have attended many of the nation's finest universities.
  • Have studied not only mathematics and science but also fields such as psychology, business, law, and education.
  • Have embarked on a variety of outstanding careers.

Fiscal support for GMP is provided by...

  • Student enrollment fees and university tuition.
  • Grants and gifts.
  • Scholarships, available for those who request that assistance.

GMP has been recognized as...

  • An outstanding mathematics-science program by a team sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Science Teachers Association, and the American Association of School Administrators.