Mr. Matthew Goehrig

Instructor, GMP I, Gifted Math Program

My name is Matthew Goehrig, and I am a UB alumni from the class of 2012. I majored in Mathematics and Lingusitics, and especially enjoyed taking new language classes at UB. I spent a lot of time at UB gaining teaching experience as a teaching assistant in calculus and in linguistics, and then as an assistant teaching in Buffalo Public Schools though Dr. Gardella's ISEP grant, recently awarded for professional development in the Buffalo Public School System. For one semester I volunteered for class credit as an assistant twice a week in Bennett High School freshman biology course. In my second semester in the program, I held a paid position organizing the other undergraduates in the classroom. Following this, I became a teaching assistant for the Gifted Math Program in Linear Algebra, and spent another four semesters in the Gifted Math Program assisting with Calculus and engaging in some private tutoring. Outside of the Gifted Math Program, I am a professional cook, poet, cyclist, and one of the central members of the Buffalo Kubb Club, an ancient viking game played on grass. My future goal is to continue my development as an educator in abstract mathematics.

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