School Liasion Agreement

GMP Attendance Agreement

This form is mailed to all participating school liaisons prior to the start of the school year with a roster of your participating students. Please return with school liaison signature, principal signature, and marking period deadlines.

Listed on the enclosed permission form are the names of the students from your school who have indicated their ongoing participation or their intention of joining the Gifted Math Program classes beginning in September.

It is important that you understand the full implications for your school and district in allowing these students to participate. Please observe these provisions:

  1. Each student must be excused from his or her regular school mathematics class and a reasonable setting provided for study during that period.
  2. It may be necessary to excuse the student early on Mondays and Wednesdays in order to reach the university by 4:05 pm. This may involve rescheduling so that the student does not miss other regular schoolwork.
  3. We will provide you with mathematics report card grades according to your regular schedule. These will be numerical grades, unless otherwise requested, comparing these students with other students of their grade level. We ask that you provide us a schedule showing when those grades are due.
  4. Please include the GMP students with the students at your school for the appropriate NYS Math Assessments in May. We will prepare our students for these tests. The GMP-2 students will be prepared to take the Algebra I Regents exam, which they can take in June. GMP III students will be prepared to take the Regents Geometry exam. GMP IV students will be prepared to take the Algebra II Regents exam.
  5. Please include the GMP students in math contests such as Math is Everywhere and Math Olympiads, and in your Math Club.


Our program description, curricula, and calendar are available on our web site at Information for nominating students for the next academic year will be available on our website in December. Although these classes will be held away from your school building, it is important that you consider them to be a part of your program. We look forward to working cooperatively with you. If we can provide more information or help in any way, we will be glad to do so.

Please notify our office if there is a change in the liaison staff member during the year. You, the counselors, and the teachers in your school are welcome to visit the classes at any time. Please call our office at 716-645-4467 for the times and locations.