Nomination Considerations for Parents

We realize that the decision about your child’s participation in this program is a major one. Of course we believe that this program will provide great benefits to those enrolled, but both you and your child should recognize what the program demands.

  • Families are responsible for transportation to and from classes. Once classes start, many parents arrange car pools. First year classes meet from 4:05 p.m. to 6:25 p.m., Mondays and Wednesdays during the school year. (From the third year on, classes meet from 6:35 p.m. to 8:55 p.m., also on Mondays and Wednesdays.)
  • The work load will be substantial. Although students should be excused from their regular school math class, it is expected that an additional half-hour to hour of study time must be set aside each school day.
  • There are fees, but scholarship money is available. The initial testing fee is $50. For those who subsequently enroll, program fees for the 2019-20 school year will be $750 ($375 per semester), which covers most textbooks and materials as well as classroom instruction. There is a University student identification card fee of $20.00. College credit is an option for our students. The cost for the college credit is not included in the fee described above. The 2018-19 cost per credit hour is $286.00. GMP student courses vary from 1 to 4 credit hours per course. Textbooks may need to be purchased after GMP II.
  • If your child completes the testing, there is no assurance that he or she will be one of the 60 students selected for the classes. All families will, however, receive full test results.