Policies On Older & Younger Students

  • Our regular admission cycle starts with nominating 6th graders to enter in 7th grade.

  • Younger Students:
    • Most years, we accept one or two younger students who start with our GMP I class.
    • Younger students may not have the level of maturity necessary to be independent on a college campus. Please consider this when nominating a younger child.
    • Students who are currently in 4th or 5th grade may apply to GMP. Be aware that if a student takes the entrance test more than once, over multiple years, the student’s average score, not their most recent score, on those tests will be used for admission decisions. This means that lower admission test scores from previous years will hurt a student's chances of gaining admission in future years. This is done to deter families from having their child test early simply to gain experience with the testing environment and format. We strongly encourage you not to attempt for early admission unless you have strong reason to believe your child is ready and that it would be more beneficial for them to start now than to wait another year or two.
    • Younger students will need to meet a higher admissions standard than 6th graders in order to be accepted at an earlier age.
    • Younger students will graduate from GMP early. When nominating a younger student, take into consideration that colleges like to see a math class included in all years of high school.

  • Older Students:
    • Due to our current enrollment numbers, we will not be able to accept new applicants for our upper levels for the 2019-20 school year.