College Credit FAQs

When do I register my child for college credit?

  • GMP I-IV students will receive the paperwork to sign up for credit in the third quarter mailing in April. They register AFTER completing 3 quarters of the class. GMP I-IV students must earn a grade above C to be eligible for college credit.
  • GMP V-VI students will receive paperwork the previous April and again in November. They register BEFORE taking each of the 4 semesters of MTH courses.

What is the cost for college credit?

  • Currently, UB charges $286 per credit hour. Here is the breakdown of cost by level.
  • Note that GMP students do not pay any fees. UB undergraduates pay fees that bring the cost of a credit hour up to $355. If a student registers for UB classes outside of GMP, he/she loses GMP status and is required to pay fees on all credits.
These levels also pay GMP tuition
(rates subject to change)
GMP I 1 credit
GSE 120
GMP II 2 credits
GSE 121
GMP III 1 credit
GSE 122
GMP IV 2 credits
GSE 123
These levels choose GMP tuition
OR college credit tuition
GMP V 4 credits fall
MTH 141
4 credits spring
MTH 142
GMP VI 4 credits fall
MTH 241
4 credits spring
MTH 309

Do all colleges accept UB credit?

  • There are no guarantees except at UB. This is considered transfer credit outside of UB. Schools frequently accept transfer students with their credit. We know there have been some situations where a school does not accept UB transfer credit. If the credit is not accepted, it still is likely to be used for admission and placement purposes.

Can I purchase the credit at a later date?

  • For GMP I-IV, you can continue to purchase the credit through GMP IV as long as you are a currently enrolled GMP student. For GMP V-VI, you CANNOT purchase credit after taking the courses.

Is there a difference between the GMP I-IV credit and the GMP V-VI credit?

  • Yes, the GMP I-IV are general education credits through the education department, GSE. The GMP V-VI credit is credit through the UB math department, MTH. The math courses are more impressive on the college application.

Will I receive an acknowledgment that my child has college credit?

  • No, but you can view and print an unofficial transcript from the HUB. You can order official transcripts to be sent to colleges as needed, when the time comes. Here is more information about requesting UB transcripts.

For GMP V and VI, why would anyone choose "college credit only" rather than "high school and college credit"?

  • "College credit only" means that we will not send the grade to your high school. Some colleges do not accept credit that was used as high school credit also.

Can earning college credit now affect financial aid in the future?

  • TAP and Excelsior are financial aid awards given by New York State. In order to receive these awards, a student must be enrolled in a major course of study before completing their first 60 college credits, regardless of where those college credits come from. If a student enters college with many college credit hours from GMP and other dual credit programs, they should take this into consideration and declare a major before going over the 60 credit limit.