GMP Computer Account Needs

Every GMP student has a UB IT name and password that was issued when you joined GMP. These provide access to:

  • UB Learns (for syllabus, rosters, teacher announcements, assignments, grades, classrooms)
  • HUB Student Center (for transcripts, payment for college credit)

Please Note: No one at GMP or UB will ever ask you for your password. Keep your password secure. We do, however, have your username in the office if you need it.

Lost password?

When you first claimed your account, you answered personal questions. These can help you retrieve a lost password. Retrieve or reset your password here. If this doesn't work, contact the GMP office.

Never claimed your account?

If you never claimed your computer account when you started in GMP, or if your password is hopelessly lost, you will need to contact the GMP office. We will request a new single-use password for you. When you receive it, you must claim your account and create a new password.

Forwarding email

Google provides instructions for forwarding your UB gmail to another account.