Applying to College

Here are some important considerations for GMP students who are applying for college:
  • Do not assume that colleges know about GMP. Help admissions officers understand what you have accomplished here. To this end, we recommend sharing the brief program description in college applications or interviews. You can also download the program descriptionPDF document.

  • You might also point admissions officers toward the GMP website. We have a For Colleges & Universities tab with information about the program and transferability of credits. The home page videos and profiles may help them get the best impression of your GMP accomplishments.

  • Transcripts with college credit courses can be sent to colleges and high schools. Here is more information about requesting UB transcripts. If you elected high school credit only, your transcript would be your home school report card. We recommend that you supplement the home school report card with information about the program including the short course description and curriculum. You may also need descriptions of the college creditPDF document part of your courses.

  • If you would like to include a recommendation from GMP in your application, please contact Dr. Mihai or Dr. Izydorczak. We are pleased to collaborate on recommendations for our graduates that describe the GMP program and highlight each student's personal strengths.

  • College credit from UB may or may not transfer to your school of choice. It will help you with admission and may help you with placement. If your college has questions about the conditions under which our courses were taught, please see this information on the transferability of our credits.