Math Camps & Other Programs

Attention GMP students!
Have you attended one of these, or another interesting camp or program? Let us know so we can share information with your fellow students.


  • Math Circle at Canisius College
    This is a club for 5th though 12th graders who love math that meets once a week after school.
  • Tinker
    This summer engineering camp for high school girls was founded by a GMP graduate and has been enjoyed by some of our students.
  • Summer STEM Camps for Children
    This is an offering of Niagara University that several of our students have liked.
  • UBGenCyber Camp
    This is a cybersecurity camp that has been offered at UB in June. One GMP student who attended enjoyed the projects that were tailored to ability level.
    This is an organization that offers several opportunities. One of our students enjoyed the 'Hand to Hand' summer camp where students designed and 3D-printed hands for disabled people.
  • UB Engineering Camps
    Other camps offered through the school of computer science and engineering include CSExplore, UB/National Grid Leadership Camp, Engineering Design Camp and National Summer Transportation Institute.


  • Camp Euclid
    We have a GMP student who has done both the summer camp and the school year program. This program is online and involves collaborating on problems with a small group of 13-19 year old students. Our student felt well prepared by GMP and strongly endorsed this camp for those who like to work on challenging open problems. The mentors are mathematicians who sometimes tie the problems to their own research.
  • John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

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